Tietoevry partners with Quadient to enhance omnichannel customer experience

Tuesday, Nov 1st 2022

The connected customer is consuming information throughout the day and their expectations have evolved to include connectivity, immediacy, and simplicity. Customers want experiences that are personalized, consistent, relevant, timely, convenient, frictionless, and seamless, regardless of touchpoint. 

When brands can’t share data between and among departments and channels, the customer feels it.  Their experience is fragmented and takes effort. As an example, communications may be disjointed, irrelevant, and out of sync with where the customer is in their life or on their journey.  Consequently, this can result in poor customer satisfaction ratings, an increase in complaints, customer churn, and damage to brand reputation, all of which can adversely impact an orgnisation’s bottom line.

This is why Tietoevry, a specialist cloud, data and software service provider headquartered in Finland, recently announced its partnership with Quadient as a direct response to the accelerating demand for digitally-led, omnichannel customer experiences across the Nordics.  Tietoevry and Quadient will deliver Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions placing even greater focus on digital-first customer communications.

In a world where customers have rich information and content at their fingertips, expectations have evolved to meet and match their always-on existence.  “First-class customer experience capabilities are high on our customers’ digital transformation agenda. With Quadient, we broaden our expertise both in Customer Communications Management solution renewal and implementation projects, all the way from pre-study to user training and solution integrations,” says Mikko Lampinen, Head of Digital Development and DevOps at Tietoevry Transform.

Tietoevry will co-operate closely with Finnish technology company Edita Prima. Edita Prima is known for its long-term experience in helping clients to improve their businesses and customer experiences. Edita Prima helps in visioning and designing first-class customer communications.

”We packaged together all the specialized expertise needed in CCM projects to benefit our customers: world-class solutions from visioning and architecture design to project execution and implementation”, continues Mikko Lampinen

“We’re happy to have Tietoevry as Quadient’s partner. Organizations in the Nordics will surely benefit from Tietoevry’s local presence, implementation services, industry expertise and a wide portfolio of business application and integration services”, says Alban Olier, VP Global Alliances & Channels ICA at Quadient.