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Questions to Ask Your Vendor Before They Pull Recessionary Tactics

From rising inflation to stock market decline, the economic outlook is shaky at this time. Many organizations are taking steps to offset the impact of rising costs and protect themselves from a future recession, including Customer Communication Management (CCM) technology vendors.

One of the common tactics that technology vendors turn to in times of economic downturn is contractual audits—where they analyze all current licensing agreements and look for any instances of non-compliance so that they can charge overages or increase pricing. Before your Customer Communications Management (CCM) vendor pulls the recessionary tactics on you, it's important to ask them questions regarding billing, license management, reporting, and upcharges in order to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to take preventative action and ensure you're getting the most out of your investment. 

If you feel that unexpected overages are preventing you from reaching the ROI you expected, or that your solution isn't scaling with your changing needs, then this is the guide for you!

Download the eBook to uncover:

  • Specific billing structures that could leave you vulnerable
  • Critical upcharges to be aware of and how to control
  • Why real-time usage reporting is key to entitlement compliance
  • Tips to protect your contractual rights in the event of an audit
  • When it's time to switch to a more transparent, cost-effective vendor (and how)


Don't let recessionary tactics take you by surprise. Download your copy today!