Packing Up For Spring Conference Season

Scott Draeger | Wednesday, Nov 2nd 2022
audience clapping at a speaker event

Xplor 2020 in St. Pete Beach Florida: April 14-16

I have a session where we look and learn at a year of digital transformation mistakes. It’s ok to point and laugh at the dumb stuff we saw (and some dumb stuff we did) in 2019 as we helped clients optimize their CCM technology stacks. Basically, this a way to hold me accountable for my 2019 presentation at Xplor. I’ll also be on a panel, but I 100% wasn’t asked to put it together this year! Quadient also sponsors the Student design contest, where teams of students compete to make breakthrough designs. It’s the highlight of the conference for me.

The Xplor crew is great because they do more to keep revenue flowing in than others, as they own and implement the documents and communications that get bills paid. Their attention to detail is amazing.

Document Strategy Forum in Chicago: May 4-6

I am on a panel on top disruptors in CCM with a motley looking crew that includes; a former co-worker (who is an amazing driver) a former manager (who never thinks inside the box) and an awesome architect (who is hiding out as the President of Doculabs.) We’ll get some sparks flying in this 50-minute session. James and I have a home-field advantage! 

The Document Strategy Forum is interesting because there are so many managers who are making major shifts almost in real-time. The discussions you have here can lead to projects that will start, if not complete, in 2020!

Digital Insurance DigIN conference in Austin Texas: May 27-29

I’ll be here with my colleague Robbie. He’s doing an exciting live 8-minute demonstration of the InspireXpress migration technology. He’ll show insurers how they can go from legacy output to an optimized set of omnichannel Inspire applications faster than they can say “dropping maintenance” to their current suppliers. I haven’t been here before, so this is a new one for me. I love new shows because I can walk around and see things in a new way. 

I’m also out to learn and share in other ways as well. I will likely hit the IDC Directions event in Boston and the Ryerson Graphic Arts job fair in Toronto to help our PSO team find some new designers for our growing digital transformation practice.

If you want to talk about migrating legacy communications, let me know. You know where to find me. We’ve been helping banks, insurance companies and service providers for about a year now and the results are compelling. If you want to set up a meeting, please let me know. In most cases, I can get us set up for a migration analysis meeting where we can assess your content face to face. I’d be happy to help you reduce maintenance payments by consolidating technologies to get you a more consistent customer communication portfolio.

I look forward to seeing you in Austin, Orlando, or Chicago. Maybe Boston.