You have something to say. Quadient would love to hear it...

Scott Draeger | Wednesday, Nov 2nd 2022
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If you’re checking out the Quadient blog, you learn a lot about the thinking behind what we are doing. We’re bringing CCM into the CX age by integrating with new technologies. We had a press release about our new Quadient Customer Journey Explorer offering that brings the action of CCM to the analytical insight of the Customer Journey Orchestration (CJO) market. We talk about the importance of consolidating design to increase flexibility in an omnichannel world. While we love to talk about this type of stuff, what you have to say is more important to us.

We are lucky to have a diverse collection of customers around the world who are creating innovative communications, delivering coordinated projects and connecting with their clients in a time of flux. Many of our customers have supported us in the larger market by writing a review on a site like: Gartner Peer Insights, Trustradius, IT Central Station and others. 

We are grateful to our customers for these reviews, and we are proud that we have earned the highest propensity to recommend our software in the CCM market according to Gartner Peer Insights. You can check out the 48 reviews we received in the last 12 months here. In the 48 reviews only one customer clicked the “would not recommend button.” This site poses challenges to us, because the reviews “age out” from inclusion in metrics after 12 months. But, reviews can be refreshed, which restarts the 12 month counter. 

We would love to earn a “customer’s choice” vendor in the CCM market, which requires 50 reviews in the 12-month period of March to March. We would love to have a review from you, or an update if you already reviewed us. Your feedback is meaningful to us, and we are seeking to help you in the age of CX by not only helping you improve the experience for your customers, but by improving the CX we provide for you. If you would like to leave a review, just:

Go to the Gartner site:

Sign in with LinkedIn or leave your email.
Select Quadient for the company.
Choose the software category you would like to review.

We appreciate every review. They validate the level of experience we are striving to deliver to you. It’s far beyond the product, including our services, development, support, sales and presales teams. Even our CEO, Geoffrey Godet, asks about our scores, because it is a great way for him to know that we’re helping you to do great work with a smile on your face.