Why British Gas is paving the way to customer experience excellence within the utility space

British Gas has become a CX leader in the industry by adopting a new initiative that is a customer-obsessed, solutions-led approach to customer journey mapping. They aim to evolve into a service business that sells energy, rather than an energy business that sells services. 

In this on-demand customer session, Adam Firbank, Technical Features Manager at British Gas discusses the importance of:

  • Customer experience in the utility space
  • Data and how it’s used within customer journey mapping
  • Personalization and its effects on customer experience

Learn how British Gas is leveraging journey mapping as a key cornerstone to this strategy, and how the organization is working alongside Quadient to deliver a truly personalized omni-channel experience for its customers.

About the speaker:

Adam is a strategic marketer, specializing in marketing systems and integration and has over 22 years’ experience across several sectors: including utilities, pharmaceutical, construction and waste. His rise within the field of CXM to become a respected ’go to’ expert for analysts stems from the knowledge and experience gained using data to drive fact-based marketing decisioning.

Joining British Gas at the start of 2015, establishing customer journey mapping to link all online and offline channels with operational processes and data orchestration is aiding British Gas restructure how they operate with a focus on the customer.