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Today, omnipresent connectivity is expected and necessary in both the personal and professional spheres of everyday life. Because they often operate as mobile, landline, internet, and cable providers, telecommunications companies (telcos) increasingly find themselves under the consumer microscope as they largely enable this ubiquitously connected world.

Traditionally, worldwide telecommunications industry has operated like an oligopoly, subsequently stifling the incentive for telcos to maintain strong CX frameworks and perpetuating the notion of industry-wide weakness regarding CX. However, an increase in sub-sector competitiveness and consumer expectations has engendered CX’s emergence as a key facet within the overall competitive telco landscape.

In the digital age that demands instant service gratification, consumers have high expectations and telcos must deliver to keep customer satisfaction high and churn low.

The primary service features comprising overall telco CX include bill/contract/ material clarity and predictability, personalized offerings, digital platform efficiency, service failure resolution, device management, and general customer service inquiry/issue response times and effectiveness. A telco’s performance in these areas defines how its CX competency and delivery are perceived by the customer.

This white paper uncovers key challenges Telco's face including:

  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Customer tracking
  • Communications in the digital age
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Overcoming silos and utilizing data
  • Delivering an omnichannel experience

As telecommunications providers look to compete in today’s marketplace, they must do so by providing an exceptional customer experience across a multitude of systems and customer touchpoints.

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