Moments that Matter in Telecommunications

 "It takes 12 positive moments to counter one failed moment"

~ Richard Normann

‘Moments of truth' are make-or-break instances along a customer’s journey that present a decision point. If executed well, the customer continues on their journey doing business with the brand; if executed poorly, it’s likely the customer will stop doing business with the brand. Each moment of truth is an opportunity for the brand to differentiate.

This ebook explores the critical customer touchpoints across the Telecommunications customer lifecycle, and how companies can transform those moments into enchanting customer experiences. Readers will learn:

  • What are critical touchpoints, and why do they matter?
  • Which ones are 'make or break' moments?
  • The role of digital transformation in improving the customer experience
  • Industry CX challenges and roadblocks
  • How to overcome critical challenges including legacy infrastructure, organizational and data silos, strain on IT and more.

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