Get the most out of your Quickbooks Online ERP

Quadient AR powered by YayPay is the perfect add-on to Quickbooks Online to extend your cash collection and accounts receivable capabilities.

Quadient AR seamlessly connects to QBO to ensure you have access to all the tools and data you need

  • Quadient AR is the only AR platform with integrated electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP), which ensures your customers can pay quickly and easily.
  • Multi-format invoices, a secure payment portal and automated application of incoming payments to open invoices within QBO enables a flexible and smooth customer payment experience.
  • See your overdue AR balance and upcoming invoices due for payment at a glance, and monitor customer payment risk with machine learning-driven payment scores.
  • Sync invoice data from QBO to help you build custom receivables reports and establish a complete picture of your AR landscape.

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Quadient accounts receivable automation FAQs

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