Quadient Inspire Flex helps companies better manage customer communications, from the initial phases of onboarding, all the way through to cross-selling and beyond. 

Target customers with personalized results

Quadient Inspire manages and unifies existing data for use during the account-opening process and throughout the customer lifecycle. Pre-populate forms with high-quality personalized data, gain a full understanding of your customer, and create different terms and conditions based on qualifications.

Award-winning Implementation:
"Santander Bank UK: Taking Onboarding to the Next Level"

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Deliver the right messages to the right customers

Quadient transforms and unifies customer experiences, ensuring that your prospects and customers receive clear, simple to understand communications through their preferred channels. 

Regardless of where you are in the omnichannel journey, Quadient is the partner that helps you get where you need to go.

Optimize online account opening

Quadient Inspire helps speed up back-office customer communications and online account-opening tasks. It facilitates straight-through processes and streamlining across customer-facing, front and back office systems. Our suite of products translates into reduced costs across departments while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Deliver compliant, personalized communications in less time

Decrease your average handling time by putting approved customer communication templates at your front-line staff’s fingertips. Representatives quickly create correspondence that include data pre-populated from your core systems. Quadient Inspire guides your staff through each communication, reducing input errors by allowing them to focus only on fields that require their attention.

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