Improve cash application accuracy and efficiency

Cash Application

Quadient AR Advanced Cash Application enables teams to improve efficiency by minimizing time spent on manual cash application. Cash can be allocated back to the ERP automatically - whether remittance data is included or not - allowing for increased accuracy, higher productivity, and reduced risk of manual errors.

Expedite cash application with automation

Auto-allocate by electronically extracting remittance data and matching the customer and invoice data in real time. Quadient AR will reconcile the payments with the open items and apply cash back to your ERP.

Reduce time spent searching for open invoices

Where a payment has been received but the customer hasn’t been identified, machine learning will analyze data to provide a suggested customer which collectors can review for accurate cash matching.

Eliminate manual work

If a customer has been identified but no or limited remittance data is available, the team can select invoices, credit and approve. Remaining balances can have reviews set up and be pushed to the ERP.

Streamline customer communication

Customers who have paid or submitted a promise-to-pay can be considered to have paid and can be automatically removed from payment reminder workflows to avoid overcommunication.

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