Improve the moments that matter:

Statements, email & SMS, mobile and web content, customer correspondence


Generate content that is:

Managed by business users, governed by approval processes, mobile and digital ready

customer experience

Create communications that are:

Guided by the customer journey, delivered by any channel, personalized in a controlled environment, and fully auditable.

The only fully integrated, any-premise enterprise CCM solution

Inspire Flex enables organizations to create and deliver personalized, compliant customer communications across all channels, from one centralized platform. 

Enable rapid response to market changes and speed digital transformation by empowering non-technical business users to safely design, manage and deliver personalized, compliant content across all channels. It all happens from one easy-to-use platform which eliminates siloed workflows and reduces the need for IT.

Cloud communications built for the future

Inspire Evolve is a high-performance, SaaS customer communications management solution from Quadient - the world's most trusted CCM solution provider. Inspire Evolve is born from Quadient’s award-winning flagship CCM solution, Inspire Flex, to align with the needs of today’s agile line of business leaders.  

Inspire Evolve integrates four components – content author, front office, generate and archive - in a centralized hub within the Quadient Cloud to deliver a seamless experience for your communications teams. Empower teams with the ability to design and deliver secure, personalized digital communications – all with minimal IT strain.

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Empower business users, reduce silos

Reduce compliance risk and improve efficiency by enabling compliance, legal and line-of-business teams to collaborate throughout the communications creation and approval process. Quadient Inspire pulls data from anywhere to populate a single approved template with business rules in place for displaying product and location-specific regulatory content that is locked down to safeguard compliance. Share, route, approve and track changes with a full audit trail.

Elevate your customer experience, improve customer satisfaction

Reduce in-bound call volumes 
Reduce call volumes by making statements easy-to-understand with interactive charts, graphs and sliders. Include dynamic elements including graphs to illustrate usage information. Consolidate statements for various services to take advantage of postal savings. 

Personalized interactive communications 
Enable your CSR’s to create personalized customer correspondence by putting approved templates at their fingertips. 

Up-sell, cross-sell 
Create personalized offers to encourage enrolment in fixed payment plans to guarantee income streams. Leverage mobile push notifications, SMS and email to promote annual maintenance plans and new equipment. 

Digital onboarding 
Make onboarding quick and convenient with digital forms that are pre-populated with your customers’ data, and integrated eSignature capabilities. 

agility of business users

Increase agility, reduce risk

Reduce compliance risk and improve operational efficiency by enabling various departments throughout your organization to collaborate throughout the communications creation and approval process. Changes are made in one location and applied everywhere you choose, and content blocks are locked down to safeguard regulatory language where required. Quadient Inspire allows you to share, route, approve and track documents and changes with a full audit trail.

Take action to improve the customer journey

Inspire Journey enables you to connect all customer-facing communications to a customer journey map, ensuring every communication project is accountable to your CX strategy at the highest level. Cross-functional teams easily share feedback directly through the tool, so improvements can be made in real-time.

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Powerful archival and retrieval for improved customer experience

Meet today’s compliance standards and improve CX by providing both customers and employees with quick access to historical documents and data across all channels. Drive web traffic, improve customer experience, and reduce call volumes by empowering your customers to securely access their statements and correspondence through your web portal, on the device of their choice.

2021 Garter Market Guide for CCM

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