Retail Energy Suppliers: Turning Onboarding into a Competitive Advantage

Why ‘best in class’ energy suppliers are leveraging CCM technology as a powerful weapon in the battle to win customers’ hearts and minds


The retail energy marketplace, whether it be in deregulated states in the U.S. or open electric and gas markets in Europe and beyond, is becoming increasingly competitive every day. Energy suppliers, also known as ‘energy retailers,’ are scrambling for every advantage. 

Energy suppliers are seeking onboarding processes that automate signups, provide easy integration with third party systems, have the ability to customize targeted products and services on the fly, and easily connect and personalize documents and templates like energy contracts, terms and conditions, and real-time rate insertions. But all too often, paper-based and digital customer communications operate in disjoined parallel universes. These siloed systems and processes create fragmented messaging, operational inefficiencies and compliance risk. 

For retail energy customer onboarding, it’s key to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Quadient’s award-winning CCM platform, Inspire, transforms and unifies customer communications management, ensuring that your prospects and customers receive the format of communications they want, through their preferred channels – not only during onboarding enrolment, but throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Quadient's business solutions for energy suppliers include:

Customer Communications Management (CCM)

  • Consistent omnichannel communications
  • Output and compliance management
  • Business user empowerment
  • Communications platform consolidation

Digital Experience

  • Personalized digital experience (PDX)
  • Onboarding
  • Mobile & web applications

Customer Journey Mapping

  • End-to-end journey mapping
  • Industry leading journey orchestration
  • Real-time analytics and executive dashboards
  • Cross-department CX collaboration

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