PFI saves time and money through simple automation

PFI case study

Proctor Financial Inc. (PFI) partners with more than 1,500 mortgage servicers, banks, credit unions, investors and property managers nationwide. The company’s mailroom team of six distributes an average of 3,000 pieces of mail per day on behalf of their clients. In a typical month, this small team coordinates 100 pieces of Certified Mail™ using manual processes, which was slowing productivity and adding unnecessary cost.

PFI turned to Quadient's web-based ConnectSuite e-Certify solution to enter certified tracking numbers online directly to the USPS. Now, all of PFI’s certified mail is stored and available online in one report. This new web-based solution not only saves money and physical storage space, but also frees up the mailroom team to focus on their core duties, and provides reliable, easily accessible online tracking information.

"Using Quadient's ConnectSuite e-Certify makes the certified mail process significantly easier for employees."
— Cristina Derieu, Senior Manager, Proctor Financial, Inc.

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