Vienna Insurance Group embraces digital with Quadient Inspire

Vienna Insurance Group case study

Pojišťovna České spořitelny (PČS), a member of the Vienna Insurance Group, wanted to make the shift from its primary paper-based output to digital output while gaining more flexibility and creativity. The team was challenged in working with a complex legacy platform.

With the deployment of Quadient Inspire, PČS was able to speed up its time to market communication capabilities, improve customer experience and empower business users in creating and controlling their communications.

In this case study, discover how PCS:

  • Transformed from a legacy solution that lacked state-of-the-art functionality, such as basic batch design capabilities
  • Introduced flexibility to deal with sudden legal and regulatory requirements
  • Expanded digital output capabilities, high cost of paper-based communication
  • Simplified co-branding and content customization processes for brokers and partners
  • Introduced a controlled process that moved away from manual MS Word based letter writing processes

Download the case study to learn more.