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Differentiation Is Tough, But Worth It.

Scott Draeger
Posted by Scott Draeger VP of Customer Transformation Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 15:33

Scott joined the industry in 1997, after earning a B.A. from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He started as a document designer using several VDP technologies, before moving to the software side of the industry. He has more than 17 years of experience in the document composition software industry as both a transactional document designer and a software vendor. He earned his EDP and M-EDP certification from Xplor and his MBA in 2007 from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Customer Experience Update
green umbrella standing out amongst a sea of black umbrellas which serves as a visual representation of how different Quadient's customer journey mapping tool is from competitor tools

Everyone talks about differentiation. But a lot of companies are just following a trend of talking about differentiation, which is more like “same-iation.” If you’re talking about differentiation, Quadient believes you should have something different to show for it. Quadient’s Customer Journey Mapping tool is just that.

As you may know, Quadient has been actively improving CX (Customer Experience) for a while now. We have employees who are certified as CCXPs (Certified Customer Experience Professionals) and others who have earned additional certifications in the area of CX.

One of the early items we delved into was the concept of customer journey maps. Right away, we recognized that this was a great opportunity to connect Quadient’s traditional users to some of the larger strategic projects in the industry.

Being different got us noticed

When our Customer Journey Mapping utility made its debut in the cloud in 2015, we knew we were onto something. Our perspective was validated when our technology was acknowledged in the first ever market research reports from Forrester and Gartner. The exposure continued from there as we were mentioned in updated coverage of relevant reports as well.

We didn’t exactly fit in the box, because our approach was different

Our Customer Journery Mapping tool employed customer journey concepts to shine a light on the communications that were (and still are) most ignored by the CX experts who prefer to focus on the communications that happen before the sale. Employing this approach made CX more inclusive, elevating "after the sale" communications to the level that  customers deserve.

Quadient likes to work in the spaces between markets, because customers often get lost in the areas not covered. In doing so we seek to enter these empty spaces to reduce integration and the frustration associated with the space between clearly defined technical markets.

This same philosophy is explored in a great, new report from Mila D’Antonio at Ovum. In it she echoes Quadient's point of view; how it is no longer enough to visualize customer journeys and in support of this train of thought she talks about another emerging technology that can help take your customer journey mapping from static to dynamic workflow. In my opinion this informative report is well worth reading.