From the single front-wheeled Benz Patent Motorwagen to self-driving, automobiles have evolved to meet the needs of today’s drivers. 

Enterprises aren’t different.

They are all unique, in different stages of transformation, leveraging a complex set of resources and technologies to drive business value and meet the evolving demands of today’s customers. Customer communications needs are part of this flux, and your needs will not be the same in five years as they are today – which makes investing in technology tricky. 

When it comes to enterprise CCM deployments, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach is just not pragmatic. We know that every organization has unique needs and that digital transformation is a spectrum. 

Some organizations are just beginning their transformation journey, while others are further along. Some organizations have more straightforward communication requirements, while others are challenged with more sophisticated use cases (think high volume, multiple documents or parts of documents compiled, many pages, tables, charts, etc).  

If you don’t choose your SaaS CCM vendor carefully, you may soon discover that it cannot handle your complex communication requirements or accommodate the high-performance, high volume levels your business requires. As with any major investment, buyer’s remorse is dreadfully common.

The good news? It is preventable. But you need to do your research. Ensure you have a thorough understanding of your organization's communication requirements – across all departments. Conduct a thorough analysis of the CCM vendor landscape. Read the reviews. Request referrals. Ask for demos that will address some of your most complex use cases. Be prepared to ask the tough questions and evaluate whether the solution will grow with you over the next 5-10 years. 

At Quadient, we are proud to have built the only any-premise CCM solution suite on the planet. Deployable on-premise, in a private cloud, as a hybrid, as a hosted managed service, or even as a service (SaaS) our Inspire suite of solutions is designed to solve your customer communications and experience needs now, and with unmatched speed and scalability at every stage of your growth – no matter where the road takes you

The power of any-prem CCM 

You might not have heard the term any-premise (aka any-prem) before. That changes now. 

Any-prem’s power is that is uniquely designed to grow with your business needs while enabling your organization to scale up or down to meet your changing needs. 

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of each option: 

On-premise deployment 

Most large organizations have a complex infrastructure of mission-critical on-premise technology. The reality is, it’s just not feasible for many enterprises to make a sudden leap to the cloud. Especially in highly regulated industries where data is often desired to remain “on-site.”  

On-premise solutions are a good fit for enterprises with complicated communications needs including a majority of dynamic and sophisticated communications projects with high volumes. Inspire Flex offers the world’s most efficient on-premise CCM solution that is highly customizable and can handle your most complex projects. 

SaaS CCM deployment 

The experts all agree: SaaS is the future of customer communications management. Covid-19 sped the transition to subscription along, accommodating dispersed workforces and home-locked customers. SaaS CCM solutions like Inspire Evolve help organizations transform their customer communications in just hours because they are simple to get up and running. But is SaaS it right for you? 

Cloud-native CCM is full of benefits. It quickly enables and empowers non-technical business users to design, personalize and deliver secure, human-centric communications with minimal IT strain. Intelligent workflows help front-line workers connect safely and securely in the moment on the customer's preferred channel. Hosting in the cloud also ensures that complex recurring software upgrade costs are consigned to history, releasing key IT resources to support your wider transformation programs.

And Inspire Evolve is in good company. Inspire Journey, Quadient’s leading customer journey management solution is also a SaaS solution. It allows business users to understand the effectiveness of their communications in the context of the customer journey, allowing decision-makers to make informed changes about what to change, empowering them to orchestrate unique experiences through the communication touchpoints, and then monitoring the real business impact of these transformative changes. 

Hybrid deployment & Hosted Managed Services

A hybrid software deployment of on-premise and private cloud can offer benefits from both worlds.  Private cloud deployments can allow you to increase business users to take more ownership of customer content while keeping on-premise other CCM components to fuel your business. If you want to do even more with less, Quadient lets you opt for hosted managed services, freeing up your IT resources to drive business value elsewhere.  

Regardless of your deployment needs today, with Quadient you won’t need to trade-in down the road. But if you do swap vendors, Quadient is one of the few CCM vendors who let you keep the intellectual property that you’ve built to keep when the title changes hands. 

Learn the right questions to ask to ensure your most flexible future in the Apex guide to customer communications shopping. 

Andrea Haughton

Andrea Haughton

Content Marketing Specialist

Andrea is a seasoned communications professional with expertise in content strategy, production and marketing, public policy and relations, multimedia creative strategy and creation, and brand development. 

She's an adept storyteller on a mission to live a great story of her own. When not curating and executing Quadient’s global CXM content strategy, you'll find the Austin native scouting the perfect hammock spot, hitting the water, making food that tastes "like I love you," and chasing expeditions.

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