AP Automation for Jonas Club

Beanworks integrates seamlessly with Jonas Club to automate accounts payable for club management. Gain real-time visibility into the status of every invoice, while saving your club time and money.

Eliminate manual accounts payable

Save your accounting team from countless hours of manual tasks with automated accounts payable. Spend less time on data entry, filing, and follow-up, and more time on higher-value work. Beanworks helps your team go paperless and stores all of your invoices in a centralized location in the cloud, where they can be easily searched and accessed.

With automated approval routing, your team can collaborate more efficiently and improve visibility and control of the entire accounts payable process. Any team member involved in AP, from accountants to managers, can securely access and approve invoices in Beanworks from any device, wherever they are.


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Payments (Created in Jonas Club)
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AP Invoices
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Match imported payments to invoices in Beanworks

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Import AP invoices from Beanworks to Jonas

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Export list data such as vendor, account to Beanworks

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