Fast and flexible payment collection

Customer Payments

Quickly, securely and seamlessly collect payments from your buyers in their preferred method and currency. 

Accelerate Payments

Buyers can pay quickly and smoothly — including international options — via credit/debit card or electronic bank transfer, through a direct invoice link. They can also ‘set and forget’ recurring payments so they are completed automatically. 

Prioritize Convenience

A user-friendly, online portal makes it easy for buyers to view outstanding invoices and click to pay. Card details can be saved for ease of making future payments. 

Ensure Security

Through our payment partners and PCI-DSS compliance, buyer data is protected, providing security and peace of mind for customers and the AR team alike. 

Offer Multicurrency Options

Invoice and collect payments from buyers in their local currency. Foreign exchange market management and currency exchange is offered through our partners, embedded within the Quadient AR platform. 

Enhance Options

Our partnerships with merchant service providers enhance payment options. Buyers do not need to leave the portal and collectors can collect payment in the buyer’s preferred method with no manual conversion work required. 


AR Payments
Cheetah Digital

We have seen payments come in faster, and a better customer experience because we are able to address things quickly.

— Chris Pearce

Global Commercial Finance Director

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