4 value-added benefits of integrating sage intacct with Quadient AR by Yaypay

George Green | Thursday, Oct 6th 2022
sage intacct integration with Quadient Accounts Receivable Automation

Why integrate Sage Intacct with YayPay? We have four compelling reasons.

Sage Intacct is a strong solution, helping finance teams eliminate redundant tasks, streamline processes and improve productivity. So what is the business case for making an additional investment in an automated accounts receivable solution (like YayPay)?

Complete Control

An automated AR solution is collaborative by design, providing both your finance and sales team with a single, intuitive interface. This gives them all the relevant financial data they need, as well as the capabilities required to take effective action (more on these later).

Through a seamless integration, YayPay automatically downloads objects from Sage Intacct including customer duns number, invoice PDFs, invoice-level sales, invoice-level contacts and customer-level contacts. There’s no need to transfer data, which helps eliminate errors and gives time back to your AR team to focus on priority activities.

Information from within the AR software, such as payments and customer credit limits, are synchronized from YayPay back to Sage Intacct. Your team can see the latest customer activity in real-time, ensuring that there are no delays in identifying at risk accounts and following up.

quadient ar intacct integration

A flawless AR flow!

Advanced Reporting

With YayPay, you can go beyond the upfront metrics and performance cards on your Sage Intacct dashboard. Our Business Intelligence (BI) module enables you to create custom AR charts and graphs using real-time data captured within the platform.

Using one system to effectively manage and segment your AR data helps limit the risk of poor data integrity, which is common with finance teams that rely upon multiple databases and manual analysis for tracking and reporting. It also enables you to “do away” with any expensive third-party applications or time-consuming data analysis. With BI, you can generate a customizable view of your accounts receivable information by leveraging hundreds of data elements with easy-to-use filters and presets. This enables non-technical users to create compelling reports in seconds!

“With our previous accounting software, we always had to create our own internal reports to get what we needed to run our business. With the Business Intelligence Module, I have the ability to make YayPay my one-stop-shop for all my accounts receivable needs!” 

Stephen Tracy, Director, People and Operations, CHG Healthcare


Automated Credit Checks and Collections

Combine the ease of raising sales quotes and orders in Sage Intacct with quick and simple automated credit checking through YayPay. Existing payor data is blended with external credit scoring from agencies — such as Dun & Bradstreet and Creditsafe — to provide a 360 degree profile of every customer. This allows you to comprehensively assess their payment behavior. The information is presented on flexible scorecards that can be customized to suit your requirements. For example, “years in business” might be a critical detail for the manufacturing vertical, but it is likely to be less important for software customers.

intacct integration flowchart

The next step is using this data to inform your collections strategy. Using YayPay, you can automate all collection activities such as payment reminders, invoicing and internal escalations. Our customizable workflows allow you to personalize your approach for each customer. This means that if a customer has a reliable payment history, you’ll likely want to follow up with them less frequently than you would with a customer that has demonstrated unreliable behavior. Using YayPay’s credit capabilities, you’re also able to keep track of changes in customer behavior. This means you can gauge when a customer has simply forgotten to pay and therefore requires a less assertive follow-up versus when a customer is in a downward spiral and needs to be addressed urgently.

The ability to not just automate, but tailor collections communications helps increase both the speed and effectiveness of collections. Customers feel more connected as your team can focus on not just reaching them on time, but ensuring they offer a personalized service when they do.


“We have satisfied customers as well as happier employees. Improved efficiency and communications makes for a stronger relationship.”

Mehmet Shah, Director of Finance, StackAdapt, YayPay and Sage Intacct User


Customer Self-Service Capabilities

Of course, tailored collections aren't the only feature that customers enjoy. You may be used to accessing customer invoice details easily in Sage Intacct, but if your customers have to regularly call up to request the information, this can lead to frustration on both sides.

With YayPay’s integrated buyer portal, you’re able to give customers access to the same information that you see. They can use the portal to view all invoice and payment information, quickly raise disputes or issues, or even contact you directly if needed.

Beyond just having access, customers have the ability to make payments on any invoice, at any time. Every automated invoice sent through YayPay contains a link that customers can use to access the self-service portal and take action. By partnering with merchant service providers (MSPs), YayPay is able to offer a variety of payment options, including international transactions, credit/debit cards and electronic bank transfers.

Interested in Integration?

Together, YayPay and Sage Intacct help teams level up each element of the credit-to-cash process. This reduces the risk of bad debt, increases on-time payments and delights both employees and customers. The bottom line? Organizations achieve an outstanding return on their YayPay investment. In fact, Forrester Consulting found that YayPay generates an ROI of over 400% in just three years.

Want to learn more? Visit: https://communication.quadient.com/sage-transform-ar