Advanced Cash Application completes the holiday wishlist for AR teams

George Green | Wednesday, Dec 21st 2022
Add Advanced Cash Application to your Accounts Receivable Wishlist

The Quadient AR elves (officially known as our product and engineering team) have been busy in their workshop, building the ultimate gift for AR teams. To cap off a prosperous year, Quadient AR Advanced Cash Application is now live!  

Our new and improved Cash Application module is the final present under the tree. Are you ready to open it? If you’re feeling naughty, you can also unwrap some other gifts the team has left out...

Gift #1 — Advanced Cash Application  

If you’re dreaming of...

  • 3X faster cash application

  • Automatic and accurate cash matching

  • Less manual work and errors

  • And happier customers

...Then Advanced Cash Application is the gift for you!

Our upgraded technology enables teams to improve efficiency by minimizing time spent on manual cash application. Cash can be allocated back to the ERP automatically — whether remittance data is included or not — allowing for increased accuracy, higher productivity and a reduced risk of manual errors.

Using Quadient AR, you can lower lockbox fees by automatically applying cash as soon as it comes in. That lessens the burden of manual tasks for your employees and enables them to focus on engaging, revenue-generating activities that deliver greater business impact. 

And your customers? Automated remittance capture drives faster processes and minimizes the risk of undue customer communications. That means less hassle and more harmonious relationships that create customer loyalty.

Want to unwrap this gift further? 🎁

Gift #2 — Advanced Business Intelligence (BI)

Quadient AR Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) has come to town! BI makes it easy for finance teams to create powerful and customized AR reports that drive better business decisions.

Using BI, you can conduct a robust analysis of the data that matters most to your business and visualize your AR health in real-time with dynamic charts and graphs. This means you no longer need to rely on expensive third-party applications or time-consuming, error-prone manual data analysis.

BI provides a customizable view of your AR health by leveraging hundreds of data elements with easy-to-use filters and presets. This enables non-technical users to create compelling reports in seconds.

Want to unwrap this gift further? 🎁

“With our previous accounting software, we always had to create our own internal reports to get what we needed to run our business. With the Business Intelligence Module, I have the ability to make Quadient AR my one-stop-shop for all my accounts receivable needs!” Stephen Tracy, Director, People and Operations, CHG Healthcare

Gift #3 — Advanced Disputes

Don’t let disputes dampen your holiday spirit. Optimizing your dispute management strategy is a surefire way to boost your mood and your bottom line.

To achieve long-term cash flow generation, your business needs an effective and repeatable approach to quickly turn disputes into collectables.

With Quadient AR Advanced Disputes, you can optimize your dispute management with customizable resolution and escalation workflows. This reduces manual work and speedily transforms open disputes into cash collected.

It’s got all the bells and whistles:

  • Powerful root cause analysis — line item disputes increase granularity in dispute reporting, providing enhanced insight into root causes.

  • Flexible functionality — you can attach an unlimited number of supporting files to any dispute, giving team members access to all necessary documentation at the point of need.

  • Customizable escalation — triggers can be automated depending on your business’ SLAs. These can be customized in many ways, for example how many days a dispute remains open until it’s automatically escalated.

  • Dedicated workspace — all disputes can be viewed in a single window, allowing the resolver to action items in bulk. This expedites resolution.

Want to unwrap this gift further? 🎁

“We are able to more precisely prioritize and organize disputes within our customer service group, providing a better experience for both internal sales groups and external clients.” Cory Merrill, Manager, Financial Operations, CHG Healthcare

Gift #4 — Advanced Credit

Ready to reduce risk to revenue growth? Stop holiday shopping!

Or, if you’re a B2B business, leverage Quadient AR Advanced Credit. This technology makes it easy for finance teams to mitigate credit risk and drive more reliable sales.

Through delivering instant access to customer credit information at any time, your team can accurately forecast payor behavior, streamline new customer onboarding and carry out better business planning.

If you’re tired of running external credit checks, this is the gift for you. Intelligent, in-built credit scoring gives you all the information you need. Integrated credit data from Creditsafe and Dun & Bradstreet combines with your payor history to provide a comprehensive assessment of customer behavior, helping you to control corporate credit risk. With these insights, you can form a tailored approach for each buyer and power a faster sales process.

Want to unwrap this gift further? 🎁

“Our former credit process was so time consuming and manual. Now our customers can click on the credit application link and get it to us immediately. The documents are stored in the customer Quadient AR file, and we can get the customer set up with a credit line much faster. We can also set up annual reviews in our to do list – so we are in compliance with our Internal Audit guidelines.” Director of Credit, Medical Device Manufacturer, USA

Gift #5 — Outsourced Mail

Our final gift to you — and your customers — is Quadient AR Outsourced Mail.

Even in the age of digital experiences, email invoice reminders can bounce, be missed, or ignored. This leads to a long tail of invoices and the likelihood of late payments. With Outsourced Mail, you can tailor your invoice delivery method to suit your customers. Whether you want to send documents electronically, via physical mail, or both, Quadient AR enables you to meet your customers where they are, mitigating payment risk and driving first-class customer interactions.

Offering all the trimmings so you can cater to customers’ needs and improve payment reliability:

  • Multi-channel communications — flex AR communications depending on customer need; with the choice to deliver via email, Quadient AR’s buyer portal, or automated postal mail.

  • One centralized system — reduce the manual work involved in maintaining two separate processes (physical mail and email) and monitor all communications in the Quadient AR platform.

  • Automated rules — set up a global rule that automatically transfers buyers to a postal workflow if this is their preferred channel. This attracts attention from buyers as it looks more “official” and drives faster payments. 

Want to unwrap this gift further? 🎁

Yule be sorry not to see it for yourself

The Quadient AR elves have been very busy wrapping up these gifts. If you want to see how they work, contact our team for a demo and learn how we can make your cash rein, deer: