Introducing Quadient Accounts Payable Automation by Beanworks

Catherine Dahl | Friday, Nov 4th 2022

Most great tech companies are built on an ambition so lofty it seems crazy to anyone outside the organization. For example, how could a Vancouver startup possibly believe they can become the essential accounting tool for half the world’s accounting teams?

It’s a bold mission that requires hard work, commitment to innovation, and great partnerships.

That last part might be the most important – partnership. Beanworks, as you know it today, wouldn’t exist without the great partnership with my co-founders and our early investors. We couldn’t have set such a bold mission without the partnership of our early customers who gave us their trust and patience as we built a new platform and transitioned their teams onto it.

And we wouldn’t have a true shot at our bold mission without the partnership of Quadient, who acquired Beanworks in March 2021.

That brings us to the next step in becoming the essential tool for half the world’s accounting teams…

As of November 7, 2022, Beanworks will be known as Quadient Accounts Payable Automation by Beanworks.

Quadient AP Automation will continue to provide — and accelerate — the same capabilities and services that have defined Beanworks from the beginning, while providing the resources to bring automation to more accounting teams around the world.

It’s an exciting time for us, and we are extremely grateful to all the customers who are with us on this journey.

Catherine Dahl
Chief Strategy and Product Officer, CEO and Founder at Beanworks by Quadient