Introducing Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay

Anthony Venus | Tuesday, Oct 25th 2022
Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay

An open letter to our customers,

Since 2015, YayPay has operated with a singular mission: to make collecting money fast, easy, and predictable, while striving toward a vision of autonomous commerce. Over the last seven years, it has been our honour and privilege to provide industry-leading accounts receivable automation software, designed for the world’s best AR teams to optimise your cash flow, while elevating the experience of your customers.

Through offering features such as predictive analytics, advanced credit assessment, advanced dispute resolutions, our Business Intelligence (BI) module, and an intuitive self-service customer payment portal, we’ve blazed a trail that has helped move AR processes forward. Now, we are ready to go even further.

You may already be aware that over 2 years ago, YayPay was acquired by Quadient, a global publicly traded $1.3 billion revenue company, to realise our growth objectives on the global stage.

We’re excited to announce that as of November 7, 2022, YayPay will be known as Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay. Backed by the full resources of Quadient, we will be able to advance our solution to better serve you — our customers. It’s important to note that this is not a product change, but simply a rebranding and the natural genesis of the final stage of our integration with Quadient. We will continue to provide — and can accelerate — the same intelligent capabilities and services that have defined YayPay up until now.

At Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay, we will provide you with a solution that helps you to not just survive but thrive during challenging economic times. In an environment where credit risk, inflation and interest rates are rising, you will see an even greater return on your investment in our product, since it accelerates collections and helps manage risk.

Your support and success contacts will remain the same. In fact, the only immediate difference that you’ll see is a change in our logo. Rest assured, we are hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that our accounts receivable solution not only prepares you to succeed today, but tomorrow and beyond. 

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best accounts receivable solution for AR teams on the planet. It’s an exciting time for us, and we are extremely grateful that you are with us on this journey. 


Anthony Venus

Co-founder and CEO, YayPay, & Chief Solution & Product Officer AR Automation, Quadient