YayPay Is A Mastercard Track Pilot Partner For Better B2B Payments

Thursday, Sep 12th 2019
Person using laptop on desk holding credit card

Last week, Mastercard announced YayPay as one of the pilot partners joining the Mastercard Track ecosystem as an Accounts Receivables (AR) software provider. Part of Mastercard’s initiative to modernize the B2B payment ecosystem, Mastercard Track wants to bring “transformational change” to “legacy practices” through “reducing complexity, cutting costs, and automating processes”.

So what does this partnership mean for you?

Through the Mastercard Track partnership as an AR solutions provider, YayPay can now further connect buyers and suppliers through their technology providers. 

Mastercard is creating an ecosystem by bringing payment optimizers, payment solutions providers, AR solutions providers, and AP solutions providers together. The combination of Mastercard Track and YayPay will enhance inefficient processes to radically improve and simplify the way businesses pay and get paid. This means streamlining transactions on a larger scale and making doing business easier for you. 

We could not be more thrilled to be part of this soon-to-be global initiative, and to be acknowledged by Mastercard Track as a pilot partner. We see this not only as a benchmark of success for our contribution to the B2B payments space, but also a welcomed indicator of growth and acceptance of SaaS as a disruptive solution for the back office. It provides validation for a future in which our end users, our Revenue Heroes, have the best and most modern tools to create value in their company, and experience value in their daily roles as contributors.

We share Mastercard’s vision in a simpler, more effective, and more efficient way of conducting B2B transactions. Through the success stories of our customers and our conversations with Revenue Heroes, addressing these back office pain points and payment needs will go a long way in bringing value to the modern finance teams. 

We celebrate with Mastercard Track this beginning to a smarter and faster way of B2B payments. We also share this celebration with you, our customers and the Revenue Hero community, for your input and support in helping us design the best solution for you.