Outsourcing cumbersome mailings offloads tedious manual processing tasks that keep your high-value employees from high-value work. Among its many benefits, outsourcing mail maximizes employee productivity, reduces operational inventory and production costs. 
Impress distribute software

A better way to manage and send outbound documents

An outsourced hybrid mail solution automates manual processes removing bottlenecks and streamlining operations while providing the agility to navigate fluctuations in mail volume, customer preferences, or other external factors that could affect your business. Download our use case brochure to learn how to offload time-consuming mailings or eliminate the hassle of mail processing and delivery altogether. 

Manage large mailings from the convenience of your desktop or laptop

Quadient’s cloud-based multi-channel document delivery solution simplifies the preparation and delivery of your business communications, reducing your entire workflow to just a few clicks.

Users upload documents via a user-friendly SaaS application for Quadient’s certified and secure mail production facility to handle the rest. Customer mail is printed, sorted, stuffed, metered and delivered in just a few clicks to you or your customer’s preferred channel - physical or digital. 

Track document and job status with easy-to-use dashboards and gain insight into key metrics. 

Learn how Grand Union transformed its outgoing mail management system to reduce costs, save time and support a more agile way of working.

Track communications delivery
Man calculating costs

Reduce overhead costs and accelerate cash flow

Send one, ten, or thousands of documents in minutes without leaving your desk. With Impress Distribute employees can prepare and send physical or digital communications from anywhere whether they are working on-site or remotely. 

No need to wait for a specific time each month to send invoices in order to take advantage of postal discounts.  Impress Distribute provides you with detailed tracking including when your documents are received and opened by the customer and ensures your documents meet security and compliance requirements. 

No child left behind during remote learning

Tools such as Impress Distribute, which is easy to use and accessible from anywhere, enable us to offer greater communications to everyone. Now we use the solution not just for students but also for correspondence with parents and staff members.

— Kristy Varda

Purchasing Supervisor, Fredrick County Public Schools

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