AP Automation by Beanworks Launches Approval Channel Delegation

Thursday, Sep 29th 2022
AP Automation by Beanworks Launches Approval Channel Delegation

In order to enrich its existing approvals process for accounts payable (AP) teams as they shift to a remote work culture, Beanworks has launched Approval Channel Delegation, a feature that allows transfer of approval authority to another colleague – either temporarily to cover a vacation or leave, or permanently. Teams working remotely or those that assign new approvers frequently benefit by eliminating delays such as month-end closing and an extended approval timeline, which often occur in the absence of an approver. Like with any business, when an employee goes on vacation or leaves the company, their duties are assigned to someone else. Within accounts payable (AP) when an approver leaves, their invoice approval charge can easily be delegated to someone else with this feature.

Here’s how it works:

This Beantalk video will walk you through how to set up vacation coverage for invoice approvals.

The feature is available for invoice and purchase order modules with the flexibility of having admins select separate delegates for each module. The process is simple and can be completed in three steps. The tool comes with custom settings, for example, with temporary delegation a group approval channel can be created between the approver leaving temporarily and the new approver.

approver screenshot

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