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When it comes to the customer experience (CX) strategy, customer communications such as contracts, quotes, welcome kits and account statements are often one of the most overlooked - yet critical - components of the customer journey.


Organizational silos, a complex (yet very critical) infrastructure of new and legacy systems, changing regulations, and outdated processes and technologies have traditionally acted as a barrier to incorporating these types of communications into the enterprise CX strategy. How will organizations overcome these challenges to deliver cross-channel communications that are streamlined, consistent, personalized and relevant across the entire customer journey? 


These traditional communications have historically been owned and compiled by IT and operations, while the social and digital channels have been owned by marketing and the digital teams. Rarely does the customer voice and the customer's experience get incorporated into their design and delivery. In this white paper, we will review:


  • Communications and the customer experience
  • How to make the experience belong to the customer
  • How to centralize communications
  • How to deal with legacy systems and approaches that yield customer disconnects
  • How to connect marketing, customer experience and IT
  • How to use journey mapping to create a better customer experience
  • How to move beyond customer journey maps


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