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Customers expect interactions that are relevant and in context to their current stage in the buying journey with a brand, regardless of the contact channel used.

“For customers, a brand is a brand. So whether they connect with you via a phone
line, your store or your website, from their perspective they are interacting with the same business and so they expect consistency, ” says Gustavo Imhof, customer insights lead at Avado Learning. 

These external expectations are, however, at conflict with the reality of internal operations at most companies. This complicates the task of delivering seamless customer engagement experiences.

This eBook, presented in partnership with the CX Network, showcases lessons from customer experience (CX) experts on how customer empathy is an important guide for designing omnichannel strategies that can translate into cost savings for a brand and increased convenience for customers.

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  • How IKEA is earning cost savings from omnichannel transformation
  • The methodology that allowed one omnichannel project to save customers
    several days in waiting time
  • The common omnichannel implementation mistakes to avoid

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