IDC Vendor Profile: Quadient Customer Journey Mapping

How well do you really understand your customers' journey? 

IDC has found that despite the proliferation of technologies and channels, very few brands know their primary customer journeys. Too many brands mistakenly believe they understand the customer journey when they have identified a few of the touch points a customer generally interacts or engages with on their way to purchase your product or service. That isn't a customer journey.

In this report, IDC examines:

  • What is a customer journey? 
  • How to develop customer/user personas
  • What are customer touchpoints?
  • How are they defined? 
  • How can companies identify and map all the touchpoints along the customer journey?

In addition, this IDC Vendor Profile examines the customer journey orchestration products and strategy of Quadient and reviews how the Quadient Customer Journey Mapping tool better understands and orchestrates the customer journey.

Download the report to learn more about customer journey orchestration, and how it will improve your overall customer experience.