Ovum Report: Customer Journey Management's Path to Optimization Cover

While journey maps identify problems or areas for content and service improvement, they do not facilitate interactions, provide next best action, or enable content orchestration. It is akin to building a road and handing someone a map without a vehicle to drive.


Today, the customer journey is a matrix of multichannel interactions, so the mapping and analysis have become complex and provide a deeper understanding of the customer's needs and behaviors to enable meaningful interactions.


In this analyst report, you will:

  • Have an overview of the rocmmendations for enterprizes to utilize the assets they have to offer new opportunities for employees
  • Understand why vendors must enable a holistic customer journey approach
  • Understand why enterprises must adopt an enterprise customer journey approach
  • Learn how to utilize customer journey management tools to align to journey mapping stages
  • Understand the diversity of the vendor landsape and why it is converging
  • Learn the twelve essential capabilities for connection customer pathways
  • Learn how API strategies enable addaptable journeys
  • Learn how static customer journeys evovle into actionable and relevant interactions
  • Understand why AI takes users from anonymous to known
  • Learn how ML algorithms help close customer experience gaps and predict intent
  • Understand how speech analytics Contextualize journeys that start in the contact center 
  • Learn how AI lifts the limitations of customer segmentation


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