Quadient Inspire Messenger

Stay Connected with your Customers Through Email and SMS

Inspire Messenger

Digital consumers have changed the rules of the game. They prefer communications that are interactive — from a simple SMS reminder to pay a bill to a monthly banking app notification or onboarding form sent by email. That’s why enterprises worldwide are making an effort to integrate channels like email and SMS with their legacy mail or PDF communications to deliver a compliant omnichannel experience. 

Quadient Inspire Messenger helps businesses send SMS and email messages, track the delivery status, manage the sent and scheduled messages, and view detailed statistics in real time. Quadient’s award-winning customer communications management (CCM) platform, Inspire, allows you to extend existing communication templates to new channels, enabling your business users and subject matter experts to directly own the content featured across omnichannel projects, without implementing new digital-only solutions or engaging expensive agencies. 

Find out how Quadient Inspire Messenger helps:

  • Create omnichannel experiences
  • Refine your communications strategy
  • Easily reschedule, deliver and track email and sms engagement
  • Design once, deliver to many channels
  • Coordinate delivery across channels

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