Service Provider Transformation: A Pragmatic Guide to Achieving Digital Success

For outsourcers and Print Service Providers, success in digital requires different skills, different business models, and cultural changes. Digital growth often cannibalizes the much-needed print revenues from current operations. As data is becoming so critical, many organizations have started to evaluate whether data-driven, digital communications should be brought back in-house. Rapid digitization provides new challenges as well as new opportunities.

In this e-book, we look at global best practices and provide clear recommendations on how service providers can evolve and be relevant for the next wave of digitalization that is impacting our market and industry.

To collect input for this e-book, we have interviewed various service providers across Western Europe, North America, and Australia. We have asked them where they are in the transition from a print to a digital provider, what capabilities and strategies they need for success, and what are their end goals. Based on those interviews and our understanding of the changing service providers landscape, we have developed a transformation model and best practices to help service providers accelerate their transition to digital.

By downloading this eBook, you will learn:
- A short history of print, mail and document outsourcing
- Key drivers for change including technology, changing customer behavior, increase in data, and tightening of regulations
- What a digital transformation model looks like for SP's including print-centric, digital aware, digital focused, digital challengers and digital leaders.
- How SP's are leveraging CCM technology to achieve the next level of digital maturity
- How to evolve your business model
- How your clients will benefit
- 5 examples of how Service Providers from around the globe have taken steps to transform their business, and maximize revenue growth

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