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We last published communications trends and predictions in 2019. Two short years later, we’re amidst a communications space transformed by the rapid evolution of customer communications management (CCM) to comprehensive customer experience management (CXM).

In 2019, we asked what customer’s demands will be five years from now. We’ve seen a decisive transfer of the balance of power from enterprise to customer. Not only has the pandemic spurred the acceleration of customer expectations and digital transformation by two, five, 10 years – it’s created intense urgency to meet, and exceed, customer expectations. The playing field has moved, and customer experience (CX) is the most critical factor for success. At the same time, the gap has widened for many enterprise’s ability to deliver.  

We’ve spoken with industry analysts, Quadient experts and customers about the state of CX today and, in this eBook, we’ve complied thoughtful perspectives on the trends, predictions, and solutions that will significantly impact your business in 2021 and beyond.

In this eBook you'll learn: 

  • expert insights into the biggest trends in CXM and CCM 
  • technologies driving differentiating CX 
  • investments that your enterprise needs to make to exceed today's CX standards
  • the cultural changes that you must adopt for success in a new CX age. 

Let's dive into the State of Customer Experience in 2021.

Download the interactive flipbook.