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Navigating The New Regulatory Landscape: Integrating Compliance into your Omnichannel Strategy

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Integrating Compliance into your Omnichannel Strategy

Creating an exceptional customer experience is the modern battleground for winning the hearts, minds, and dollars of consumers. They expect every company they do business with to behave like their favorite technology brands, providing experiences that are fast, easy, and convenient. 

Customers no longer associate brands with the way they do business, online or offline. They see the brand as a single entity. It may well have traditional brick and mortar locations, but it's equally, if not more, important that it be accessible by phone, mobile, web, etc. In other words, customers expect brands to be omnichannel.

Industries like financial services, telecom, and utilities, throttled by regulations, legacy technology, and organizational/data silos, need to pay particular attention to the omnichannel imperative.

The introduction of new regulations around data privacy, security, and accessibility has resulted in a significant shift in the business landscape. Organizations often feel overwhelmed by the growing number of laws and regulations they must comply with and experience a negative impact on business results when internal processes are not optimized to support these changes.

This paper discusses how organizations around the world are using next-generation customer communications management (CCM) platforms to create and deliver regulatory-compliant, personalized omnichannel communications, as a team. The right CCM platform enables all stakeholders, including the Compliance Officer (and their team), to participate in the communication creation process to ensure that the output meets the industry requirements — and still speed time-to-market.


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