Achieve complete control in AR communications

Customer Communications

Quadient AR’s integrated mailbox consolidates, sorts and filters your incoming mail, while enabling you to tailor your customer communications. 

Increase Efficiency

Link your inbox to Quadient AR to automatically receive incoming mail directly to your AR workspace and eliminate the need to work across applications. Respond, forward and save emails directly to the customer record so that you can access the right information at the right time. 

Categorize Effectively

Quadient AR ‘reads’ incoming mail to pick up on phrases and automatically categorize communications. This enables you to address all emails in the same category — such as customers raising a dispute or sending promises-to-pay — at once. 

Customize Your Approach

Set up a variety of email templates within Quadient AR to make customer communications a breeze. Tailor your invoice due reminders — or even touchpoints like a Happy New Year message — and build these into your workflows to deliver a personalized collections experience.

Read more about workflows. 


Communications are customized and set on a cadence that works for the customer. This means we can maintain our tailored collection workflows and ensure our customers are looked after and incentivized to pay on time.

— Jaime Beadnell

Billing & Collections Manager

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