Efficient dispute resolution that boosts your bottom line

Dispute Management

With customizable resolution and escalation workflows, Quadient AR Advanced Disputes reduces manual work and accelerates cash collection. 

Improve Analysis

Increase your understanding of the root causes of disputes to create effective solutions. Eliminate ambiguity and form a clear target for areas to improve.

Accelerate Resolution

Better meet contracted service-level agreements (SLAs) through faster dispute processing times. Protect your customer experience from being impacted by clunky and convoluted processes.

Increase Visibility

A lack of insight into the volume of open disputes or individual reasons for disputes can slow down time-to-resolution. Gain a comprehensive view of your portfolio to quickly identify issues and pave a path to resolution.

Reduce Manual Work

Prevent your people from being plagued with manual approvals for each dispute case. Leverage automation to expedite tasks and provide a clear pathway for escalation to management.

CHG Healthcare

In a cash flow-crucial business, it’s so important to have the ability to quickly organize, follow up and identify root cause of disputed balances. Increased customization, activity tracking and having all the needed data on one page have been major crowd pleasers for our team.

— Cory Merrill

Manager, Financial Operations

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