4 value-added benefits of integrating Acumatica with Quadient AR by YayPay

Shaun Jex | Wednesday, Oct 12th 2022
quadient accounts receivable automation and acumatica

You’ve got Acumatica, and it’s an effective ERP. But without Quadient AR by YayPay, it can’t reach its full potential.

Our AR automation software is designed to give your finance team full control of the credit-to-cash process, offering all the tools you need in a single, powerful platform. When it comes to integrating this technology with Acumatica, there are four significant benefits that users can realize. 

A one-stop shop

Working between multiple systems constitutes one of the biggest time drains for your AR team. In fact, a Mckinsey report found that “employees spend 1.8 hours every day — 9.3 hours per week, on average — searching and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value.” 

And that’s just time wasted looking for data. Never mind the hours spent transferring data from one system to another because they don’t communicate. Or the delays caused by data entry errors. 

Quadient AR's Acumatica integration provides you with a single source of truth to work from. Data from the ERP is automatically communicated to the automation software, and vice versa. Invoice information, payments due, balances, and payments made are all communicated between the solutions so that every piece of data is available when you need it. 

Seamless order to cash

With Acumatica, you have the ability to easily create sales orders and send them to customers via manual email or auto reminders. When the time comes to get paid, Quadient AR allows you to improve the process even further through the creation of configurable workflows. These ensure that an invoice routinely follows every necessary step to get processed on time.

Communications can be automated, as well as payment reminders, freeing up your AR team from the mundane task of composing emails. The ability to personalize the messages and to create triggers that send them to specific employees or positions means that the messages don’t lose the human touch necessary for good customer service.  

An all-in-one personal payment portal makes resolving invoices even easier for your customers. They can log in at any time, see items that need to be resolved and make the payment using the method of their choice. In addition, the portal allows them to raise disputes and ask questions, which will automatically be routed to the appropriate team member for speedy resolution.

Tomorrow’s technology, today

While it’s useful to have access to built-in reports such as overdue payments, and customers on credit holds, this type of information only allows you to reactively manage AR problems. Quadient AR allows you to proactively head off problems by embracing machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor past payment behavior and predict timing of future payments. It then assigns customer accounts a letter grade, allowing you to identify those that need special attention. Prediction accuracy ranges between 83%-94%, giving you invaluable insight into your customers and future cash flow.

Quadient AR's technology is truly cutting-edge and has earned accolades from research firms such as IDC, who have recognized it as an industry leader. This innovation helps your AR department achieve digital maturity, which means taking advantage of opportunities based on current tech stacks, staffing resources, and digital technology. Your team can do more with fewer people and unlock increased value from existing tools.

Vital data such as your AR balance and upcoming invoices due are also viewable through the system's simple, elegant dashboards. It provides easy access to metrics such as real-time DSO, dynamic and current aging, and automated collection activity. 

quadient ar automation dashboard

Essential information right at your fingertips!

Better analytics for better business

“Reporting has always been a weak point of AR applications. Almost half of the respondents in IDC’s SaaSPath Survey-2021 reported that they continue to rely on traditional spreadsheets to support AR reporting and analytics, and more than 72% of respondents find AR reporting and analytics challenging compared to other aspects of AR.”

Kevin Permenter, Research Manager, Enterprise Applications, IDC

For most companies, the problem isn’t obtaining data, but managing it. One of Acumatica’s strong points is its flexibility when it comes to reporting. Quadient AR enhances your data management through its Business Intelligence (BI) module, which helps you create graphs and charts using real-time data based around your own unique KPIs and AR data. 

Not only does this give you greater control and insight into your AR process. It eliminates the need for costly third-party applications or time-consuming manual analysis. And unlike other AR softwares, you don’t have to pay extra and then wait to have custom reports built.

Ready to elevate your process?

Combining Quadient AR and Acumatica gives you all of the resources you need to take accounts receivable to the next level, optimizing your cash flow and customer experience. It lowers the risk of late payments and bad debt while allowing you to cater to each customer as though they are your only account.  

If you’re ready to see Quadient AR in action, schedule a demo today.