Part 1: Why Quadient AR's user experience is the best in the business

Shaun Jex | Thursday, Sep 1st 2022
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Whether getting stuck in traffic or sitting in the airport waiting on a flight, no one likes delays, particularly when it impacts your pocketbook. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what many accounts receivable software providers want you to accept – downtime for updates, and delays in patches to fix bugs that damage productivity.  

Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay has been designed to maximize ease of use and minimize downtime, allowing your team to always operate at maximum efficiency. 

Tailor-made to suit your needs

Your business is unique, and so are your accounts receivable needs. A one-size fits all solution may help you with the bare essentials, but it can’t optimize your performance. That’s why YayPay provides a no-code interface and highly customizable user experience. 

“The tool [YayPay] is painfully easy to use. We got people together for one day and that's all we needed to onboard them."

Susan LaRosa, Director of Credit, WS Audiology


You know what you're doing - your AR process is unique to your company - why put customization in the hands of someone who isn't close to the day-to-day realities of working in your team? Other solutions frequently require users to contact their user support or IT team to make changes to the way the system is set up, resulting in extended downtimes as adjustments or quick fixes are made. YayPay is designed so that users can make necessary adjustments without a technical background or coding knowledge. Users can adapt the solution as business needs change, and as they learn which collections strategies work best for their buyers.

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YayPay also allows users to bring over custom fields that they have set up in their ERP. This means that you can add additional fields that are not part of YayPay's standard data fields/model. These custom fields can be used to improve readability in your internal statement page. as customer filters for your aging report or internal statement page, to create customized conditions on workflows, and to add data tags to e-mail templates. 

Stop playing “the waiting game”

Everyone has had the experience. You need to get work done, but the program that you are using is down for routine maintenance or product updates. It stops everything in its tracks. This can be particularly harmful in accounts receivable when downtime can impact your DSO and cash flow. 

In addition, numerous AR software companies only provide updates every quarter. Some even less frequently. That means you may have to wait months for the company to address significant operational issues. To make matters worse, many of these solutions freeze during updates, rendering them temporarily useless.

YayPay provides customers with 99.99% product uptime, meaning that it works when you do. In addition, YayPay has 10 product releases a year, so you are frequently provided with the most up-to-date version of the software you need. The YayPay team is constantly learning from users and is dedicated to delivering improvements, adapting the software based on customer-reported fixes, and adding functionality based on user feedback.

When it comes to reporting, some AR software will provide custom reports for an additional fee, but they also require a lengthy period of time for the company to create the document. With YayPay, you have instant access to personalized reports that will provide you with the information you need. 

yaypay screenshot erp integration

Using YayPay’s Business Intelligence (BI) module, you can leverage hundreds of data elements with easy-to-use filters and presets. The system helps you quickly combine multiple reports into a single custom dashboard. Advanced reports and analysis can be scheduled with updated data to be automatically delivered by email to anyone who’d like to see them, providing insights into payor trends and pitfalls, productivity tracking based on unique KPIs, and detailed customer dispute information.

When it comes to your financial operations, you deserve to demand the best, and YayPay is designed to give it to you.