The power of flexible customer communications management deployment

How any-premise enables future readiness

Tuesday, Oct 25th 2022
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When it comes to enterprise Customer Communications Management (CCM) deployments, a ‘one-size-fits-all' approach is not pragmatic.

Every organization is at a different place on the digital transformation spectrum. Some are only just starting to overhaul customer communications, while others are already fully omnichannel. Some adopted technology early on and now need to modernize, while others have implemented various technologies to meet immediate needs, but now wish to streamline strategy, budget, and process.  

Some businesses have more straightforward communications needs and are ready to exclusively adopt SaaS-based customer communications, but others, with more sophisticated use cases (high volumes, multiple pages, tables, charts, etc.), benefit more by adopting SaaS, while maintaining on-premise deployment capabilities. Still, others are best served by reducing the total cost of ownership and letting experts deal with the heavy lifting by opting for hosted managed services.

As hyper-changing customer expectations keep organizations on their toes, the technology needed to meet these demands is in constant flux. Wherever your organization is on its digital transformation journey, the key to success is flexibility. That’s why you need to entrust your CCM needs to an any-premise vendor.  

The power of any-premise Customer Communications Management

Any-premise means that your CCM implementation can initially deploy in any environment—on-premise, public or private cloud, hosted managed service, or a hybrid of these—with the ability to seamlessly migrate applications, content, and infrastructure to another deployment option, as your needs change. This gives you the exclusive flexibility to manage deployments that make sense for your business now and at any point in the future. 

Any-prem’s power is that it is uniquely designed to handle ANY project thrown at it. It enables growth at every stage, letting you scale up or down as your needs dictate, while maintaining predictable costs. It solves your customer communication pains quickly and with unmatched flexibility, portability, speed, and scalability at every stage of your growth. In short, any-prem is the smartest CCM investment you can make. 

CCM inflexibility might lead to unexpected costs

As the market shifts to SaaS-based communications, the reality is that many enterprises with highly complex projects aren’t logistically equipped to fully transition their legacy systems to the cloud. In fact, as many as 50% of SaaS purchasers may still need to execute some projects on-premise.

So, you need to assess your needs and whether they extend beyond the limitations of SaaS, or else you might run into a problem: a surprise, late-stage recommendation to switch deployments. This switch incurs unexpected hardware and IT costs, and because these implementations are often outsourced, you end up with unexpected, convoluted billing that blows your budget and raises a lot of uncomfortable questions. This increases time-to-value and can lead to investment remorse.

How Quadient’s CXM suite is the key to your digital transformation success

While other vendors claim to back up SaaS with any-premise capabilities, the reality is that they aren’t capable of meeting your communications needs.

Quadient offers the market's leading any-premise CCM solution (along with world’s most powerful rendering engine). With Quadient’s Inspire Suite, you can reap the benefits of any-premise deployment, including the ability to:

  • Scale how you need, when you need
  • Easily migrate applications and content between SaaS (Inspire Evolve) and on-premise (Inspire Flex)
  • Eliminate unpredictable CCM-related costs
  • Flexibly manage deployments that make sense for your business – now and in the future

Is it time for a smarter CCM strategy?

So, tell us – is your CCM investment paying off the way it should, or do you have a bit of buyer’s remorse? Have you made the jump to SaaS, but found you really need a more flexible model? Are you finding that your on-premise deployment is racking up unexpected overages? Not sure if you need full SaaS, on-prem, or a hybrid configuration to optimize your communications management?

A lot of organizations don’t know what deployment type is best for their needs, but Quadient is here to help you make the smartest investment.

Reach out for expert guidance on the deployment strategy best suited for your business goals and CX demands.