Part 3: Why Quadient AR's ERP integration is the best in the business

Shaun Jex | Thursday, Sep 15th 2022
erp integration

Want to unlock the full potential of your ERP? Combine it with an AR automation solution that's designed to maximize its value.

That means picking a solution that fully integrates with your ERP and doesn’t require you to jump through hoops to make it happen.

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we looked at how YayPay’s user experience and payment process set it apart from the competition. But the difference doesn't stop there. After all, those features don’t mean much if you can’t use them. That’s where YayPay’s ERP integration and rapid implementation come into play. 

YayPay is designed to carry out complex implementation projects, whether in the form of multiple ERPs, multi-subsidiaries, or large enterprises. On top of that, YayPay’s support and digital optimization teams are there to ensure that your team is quickly up and running. 

Why Does Integration Matter?

There’s a lot that your ERP can do, but things like effectively processing invoices, building tailored collection workflows, and intelligently resolving disputes are not on the list. Adopting an AR automation solution that fully integrates with your existing accounting software provides your business with a single source of truth from which to work. This means no more jumping between multiple systems to complete essential AR tasks. The software provides features like machine learning that predicts future payment behaviors, and customizable dashboards that track outstanding invoices, payments, and disputes — all from a single, easy-to-navigate location.

Dreamy dashboard! Track all your key AR metrics in a single, easy-to-navigate location.
Dreamy dashboard! Track all your key AR metrics in a single, easy-to-navigate location.

Without ERP integration, your team is left manually processing activities outside of the software in order to complete vital tasks, such as monitoring KPIs. Not only is this time-consuming — it can also easily lead to errors that impact cash flow management. 

What sets YayPay apart?

Many competitive AR solutions do not include an ERP connector, which synchronizes the information in the ERP with that of the automation software. Because of this, a custom API has to be built, which adds time and expense to the implementation process. 


What is an API? 

Described as, “the glue that holds the internet together,” an API is the way two or more computer programs communicate with one another, a software interface that offers service to other pieces of software.  


YayPay provides customers with a wide range of ERP connectors. In addition, it is designed to be an intuitive tool giving ease of use for your AR team. These two factors mean getting started with the product is fast and easy.


“The tool is painfully easy to use. We got people together for one day and that’s all we needed to onboard them.” 

Susan LaRosa, Director of Credit at WS Audiology and YayPay User


In contrast, other AR solutions fail to offer the same simplicity and have a significant learning curve. The training can last weeks, and mastering the software may take months. That’s the last thing your AR team needs, as those disruptions can lead to delays in reporting, collections, and ultimately, cash flow. Your automation solution should provide immediate value, facilitating day-to-day work and increasing productivity — not stand in the way of it. 

YayPay’s account managers will work with teams to get them quickly trained on the software, while our Digital Optimization team will provide your organization with everything it needs to get your customers adjusted to the change as well. From activities like advocating and advising your AR team through business reviews, monthly touch points, platform optimization sessions, and ongoing monitoring of platform health, YayPay’s implementation program helps you get everything you need from the tool.


If you’re ready to see YayPay in action, an AR expert is just a click away.