A Realistic Look at Adopting Cloud Accounting Solutions

Monday, Jul 25th 2022
A Realistic Look at Adopting Cloud Accounting Solutions

In an ideal world, organizations and their respective leadership teams would have no problems moving away from antiquated desktop systems that constitute a massive financial and IT maintenance strain on the company. They would simply embrace cloud-based software solutions and allow themselves to be showered with all the benefits that come with working in the cloud. However, as a manager, a Controller, or a CFO you know that this kind of adoption isn’t as pretty as the picture we just painted.

Dealing With Cloud Computing Naysayers

Cloud computing naysayers often come from a place of fear. Removing their familiar, on-premise system and replacing these outdated products with cloud computing solutions can be scary. Pushback is common, but it’s also easy to overcome. Here’s a look at the most common pushback phrase we encounter and our own recommended solution: “But, why do we need to change anything? We’re fine the way we are!”

Countering this type of extreme denial is easy. Cloud computing enthusiasts and supporters need to determine if this denial is due to stubbornness, lack of knowledge, or misconceptions about cloud computing. Remind them of how much they already have in the cloud, including pictures, banking, and data storage. Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean they have to start over, instead it’s a way to make their work lives easier.

Dig Deeper into the Fear with Clarifying Questions

Providing facts and asking questions that focus on benefits can help immensely. We often ask our own Beanworks clients the following questions when we encounter fearful push back:

  1. Is it important for you and your team to have full visibility into the status of all your accounts payable activities anytime and anywhere?
  2. Have you ever wished that your full paper trail was easily accessible with a simple click of a button?
  3. Have you ever lost any accounting data because it wasn’t backed up?

Cloud accounting solutions like our AP automation software makes our customer’s lives easier. Updates and improvements to the software are done automatically, which means it’s cheaper and easier for companies to maintain. Users enjoy full access to the software and all their accounts 24/7 and all data is backed up so your information is always secure.

Working in the cloud has never been easier. Book your naysayers in for a product demo, and we’ll handle the rest.

Photo credit: Stocksnap.io / Lance Anderson

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