Send invoices, notifications, and letters via multiple channels: print, digital, or outsource.







save time and money


Automate the preparation of outgoing communications

A flexible solution designed for SMBs

Many small to medium-size businesses are constrained by manual document processes. Manual processes increase operational costs, lower employee productivity and engagement, and expose your company to the risk of human error. Quadient Impress eliminates repetitive and mundane manual processes through digitization, letting you and your staff focus on what matters most.

Learn how Groov-Pin, a leading manufacturer of components for clients such as Boeing and NASA, optimized their invoicing process and increased employee productivity.

Eliminate the hassle of mail prep

Prepare, process, and deliver physical mail or digital communications from your desk in just a few clicks. 

Simply upload documents and Quadient’s secure and compliant mail production facility handles the rest. Or easily send communications through digital delivery channels such as a secure branded customer portal, tracked email, or SMS text. Get a detailed view of mailing activity and monitor document status with dynamic dashboards.

Could your business benefit from a hybrid mail strategy? Check out our white paper: The mail outsourcing revolution. Why SMBs are moving to remote mail delivery. 

Impress Automate

Track and view document status in real time

Gain full visibility at every stage for both printed and digital communications. For physical mail, track each step from print to delivery to the post office. For digital communications, see when documents are delivered and viewed.

Quadient Impress’ intelligent technology mitigates the risk of human error that could lead to privacy violations by ensuring the right documents always go to the intended customer. 

Learn how “digitally-determined” SMBs are navigating the next normal by automating business-critical documents. 

Improve customer and employee experience

Boost the impact of every communication with personalized and targeted messaging.  Quadient Impress ensures documents are delivered to the right customer and through their preferred channel.  Limit costly time-consuming customer service calls by enabling customer self-service.

Quadient Impress helps organizations adapt quickly to ever-changing customer, regulatory and environmental demands.

See how automating your customer communications process can unlock your employee and business potential.

impress distribute platform

Transition to digital communications

Replace or reduce paper-based communications and transition to digital delivery channels. Contact customers through multiple touchpoints such as email, SMS text, or a dedicated, secure, and branded portal. 

Convert customers easily to paperless delivery through the integrated campaigns feature. Once selected, Impress stores their channel preferences for future communications.

What barriers may be standing in the way of your digital transformation? Read how to breakthrough. 

Maximize employee productivity from anywhere

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, working on-site, remotely or both, Quadient Impress consolidates and centralizes communications from multiple locations ensuring that customer documents are consistent and retain a professional brand image. 

Employees may prepare and send single or batch, communications. Set up frequently used templates to accelerate future prep. There is even a built-in approval process. 

On a global level, more employees are expecting to work from home (at least part-time).

Document Digitalization

Customizable modular architecture to address your specific business needs

A fully SaaS solution, Quadient Impress seamlessly fits and scales with your organization so your organization can be up and running in no time. Leverage your existing infrastructure to make the most of your internal resources. 

Deliver exceptional experiences for your customers. Collaborate with Quadient and our best-in-class partners to deliver impactful solutions to grow and differentiate your business.

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