From Software to Services, is a white paper series produced in partnership with Aspire diving into how SaaS will fundamentally disrupt the CCM industry for years to come. With the evolution of CCM to CXM accelerating over the past year, approachable, agile SaaS solutions are becoming the go-to differentiator for enterprises.

Curious to learn if your business can benefit from adopting cloud-based customer communications? In the second installment, Aspire dives into the benefits and functions of SaaS services in the CCM field (hint: think CX transformation), the businesses who stand to gain the most from adoption, and looks at how Quadient’s cloud-based customer communications, Inspire Evolve, can position your enterprise for success in a market transformed.  

Key Takeaways 

  • CCM is shifting from on-prem installations to cloud deployments that are crucial to a successful CXM strategy that drives business value. 
  • CaaS solutions offer a range of benefits including deployment flexibility, compliance and security, faster time-to-value, and lower operational costs. 
  • Putting communications ownership in the hands of line of business executives drives employee and customer experience while saving you resources.

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