BPS (SUISSE) delivers more efficient customer communications with Quadient

A case study

man working on his laptop in an office standig up

BPS (SUISSE) selected Quadient Inspire to optimize the generation of various document types central to communication with its customers, moving from inflexible and complex mainframe-based management to an up-to-date, efficient and flexible Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution.

BPS (SUISSE) wanted to reduce processing times and costs while increasing the quality and accuracy of document design and content for customer communications.


  • Significant reduction in document processing times, from days to just a few hours 
  • Significant reduction in costs by discontinuing the use of letterheaded paper, decreased risk of sending the wrong documents to the wrong customer and the ability to include multiple communications in a single envelope 
  • Redesign of document layouts to bring them up to date, harmonize business and marketing logic and achieve better alignment with corporate identity 
  • Improved document quality, with the implementation of an effective debugging and error-management system 
  • Reduced time-to-market, due to the flexibility and intuitive nature of the solution and its user-friendly interfaces 
  • Capability of the bank’s Systems Integration team to manage and act promptly and effectively wherever necessary, reducing potential negative impacts on production 

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