Channeling Your Customers' Communication Preferences 2022

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[Webinar Replay] Channeling Your Customers' Communication Preferences 2022

Watch on-demand now - this webinar took place on July 28th, 2022

Mailbox? Email? SMS? What channel should you send important customer communications through?

The fact is, customer channel preferences are changing rapidly. They are changing often and they vary by communication type.  

Here are some more facts.

If you offer communication channels your customers prefer:

  • 60% are much more likely to recommend your business to a friend
  • 58% are much more likely to buy more from you
  • 54% are much more likely to make a first-time purchase from your business

Channel preferences are diverse and evolving, and if businesses ignore their customer’s desire for personalization and control, they will lose an important competitive advantage. For small-medium businesses, this may seem daunting, and perhaps even a little scary. But it doesn't have to be.

On July 28th, we teamed up with the experts at Aspire Customer Communications Services to help put these fears to rest.

During the webinar, founder and CEO Kaspar Roos reviewed Aspire’s latest findings to offer concrete insights to help you transform your customer communications into a tool for business success.

By downloading this webinar recording you'll learn:


  • The latest customer channel preference trends
  • The 4-stages of managing multi-channel customer communications 
  • How to evolve from a manual document process to your desired digital state
  • How small to medium businesses are implementing new technology to manage customer preferences with little to no IT involvement