According to a 2021 report by Keypoint Intelligence, 58% of companies surveyed have changed how their company sends customer communications by adopting document automation tools and enabling multi-channel delivery.  Manual document processes hinder your ability to remain agile, flexible, and competitive. Automating helps future proof your business and gives you the digital dexterity to compete in today's highly fluctuating and ever-evolving business environment. 

But where do you begin? In our guide we examine: 

  • How small to medium businesses are implementing new technology to manage customer preferences
  • The four stages of customer communication management and associated characteristics
  • How to evolve from a manual document process to your desired digital state 

The customer communication assessment guide will help you map your current capabilities against a set of best practices for each consecutive level of maturity, help you visualize next steps, and establish goals to stay on target. Learn how to create a roadmap to transform your customer communication process.

Download the guide now.