Brochure - CXM Utilities Overview

Transforming the way utilities connect with their customers.

Brochure - CXM Utilities Overview

Quadient helps utilities improve customer service and reduce costs by easily integrating disparate systems to deliver dynamic, highly individualized communications across all channels.

We deliver this via 3 solutions for a closed-loop customer experience.

Quadient Customer Journey Mapping is a cloud-based journey mapping tool that incorporates all customer digital and physical touchpoints into your journey maps. Customer experience teams easily share feedback with business users directly through the tool, so improvements are made in real-time.

Quadient Inspire is an award-winning, market dominating Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution. Over 2,000 organizations use Inspire to design, render and deliver personalized, compliant communications across digital and print channels.

Quadient Archive & Retrieval is a high-performance, highly scalable technology that meets today’s compliance standards and improves customer experience by providing quick access to historical documents and data across all channels.

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