Delivering a World Class Accounts Receivable Experience

Perhaps at no time in history has delivering a great customer experience become more crucial to business success than it is today. It’s important to remember that the customer experience is a holistic view of a customer’s relationship with a brand, not just something that happens at the point of purchase or via the contact center.

Written in collaboration with CX Expert and Author, Annette Franz, this eBook provides a foundation for which to design and deliver a best-in-class accounts receivable experience.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify critical customer touchpoints or ‘moments of truth’
  • Where the customer experience breaks down in the AR journey
  • The most challenging aspects of AR management, and how to overcome them
  • Why a single source of truth is critical to delivering an exceptional AR experience
  • How improved customer experience can lead to more profit, and happier employees DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK TODAY! DOWNLOAD NOW