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Studies across the globe are predicting that on average 40% of the corporate workforce will be spending part of their week working from home by 2025. The future of work is evolving from a more linear model with everyone in the office at the same time to a blended hybrid workforce model with more employees expecting to split their time between the office and home or continuing to work remotely. While the future work environment is still uncertain, three factors are clear:

  • Many corporate offices will look a lot different than they did in 2019
  • Top business priorities have shifted in light of remote work trends 
  • Digital collaboration platforms are more essential than ever before

This e-Book provides an overview of the evolving workforce model from a global perspective, including insights, observations, and recommendations on how businesses are adapting and how SMBs can best support a hybrid workforce in the “now normal." We also uncover how the world’s largest remote work pilot” is shattering long-standing myths around remote work.

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