The Future of Customer Experience in the Energy Industry Report Cover

Based on insights from Quadient’s energy experts and utilities customers, as well as our dealings with the energy sector, this paper presents an overview of key trends in CX that are impacting the energy market.


While recognizing that digital transformation will play out over long time frames, this paper aims to provide practical advice that can be used today to build superior customer experience. With so much disruption impacting the industry, there is no time to wait.


Key recommendations from Aspire include:


Use scenario planning to align customer experience initiatives with strategic transformation directions. Omni-channel, product differentiation, virtual customers, and home automation are areas where CX technology makes a big difference in how utilities communicate and interact with their customers.


Refining customer communication strategies, modernizing customer experience technology, using journey mapping techniques and other best practices are some of the many actions that companies in the energy sector can adapt in order to build competitive advantages through customer experience.


To support the shift toward decentralized power provisioning and customer-centricity, it is important that companies do not delay but find ways now to use the latest technology to build better customer experiences. Various studies suggest that leading companies respond faster than their competition when faced with disruptive changes in their core markets.


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