Healthcare Payers: Staying Ahead of Change with Agile Customer Communications

Marketplace Health Insurance Enrollment Surges

Over 14.5 million consumers selected or were automatically re-enrolled in health insurance coverage through and State-based Marketplaces during the 2022 OEP, a 21% increase compared to the 2021 OEP. Nationwide, the number of new consumers who signed up for Marketplace coverage during the 2022 OEP increased by 20%, reaching over 3 million for the first time since 2018.

Digital Platform Usage Elevates CX Expectations

Marketplace health insurance plan enrollment is skyrocketing as a result of the Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC), which were recently extended for three years and made available to those with household incomes over 400% FPL. With more consumers leveraging digital Marketplace enrollment platforms, the days of black & white, print-based health insurance communications with complex language and poor user experience are fading into the rearview.

Consumers are becoming conditioned to expect digitally interactive, retail-like experiences that make it easy for them to make informed choices. As the industry undergoes a digital revolution, the thought of transforming legacy document generation processes can seem daunting, when in fact, it's the best way for payers to position their business for competitive growth. 

In this white paper, you'll learn how an agile Customer Communications Management (CCM) infrastructure can enable you to:

  • respond to elevated experience expectations and cross-channel demands
  • increase enterprise-wide agility by connecting siloed data, systems, & teams 
  • easily manage regulatory change with templates that have compliance built-in
  • foster collaboration and fast updates with multi-level review & approval workflows
  • seamlessly migrate from legacy systems with AI-driven template migration 

Empower your organization to respond to market, regulatory, and customer experience change with agile CCM built for a fast-changing world. 

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